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Magical Experience Coffee Shop


Wednesdays to Sundays
12:00 - 21:00

See the magic!

Brew magical potions or try our butter beer! 

Choose from a variety of specialty food and beverages and test your own magical abilities!



Dear Guests! We have a limited number of seats available. Reservations are for 90 minutes. If you wish to have a longer or shorter visit, please let us know in the additional notes section when making a reservation. We hold reserved tables for up to 15 minutes, after that your reservation will not be guaranteed.


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A magical coffee shop inspired by a well-known universe emerged as the Flying Broomstick. You can enjoy color-changing potions and cold-steaming chalices in addition to a fantastic variety of delicious food and beverages. Our specialty programs like quiz nights artisan workshops and short games make the experience truly unforgettable. 

We have taken special attention to all the details you'll see exhibited here to please even the biggest fans out there. We are incredibly excited to be finally open and cannot wait to show you this truly magical place. Discover the Flying Broomstick and enjoy the experience!


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